Yamaha Motors announced that they will begin the release of their new 2016 ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) North American models from June 2015. The range of ATVs, which is highly popular in the US, is made up of the new ‘Grizzly’, the flagship utility model, the new ‘Kodiak 700’, the utility model, and the ‘Raptor 90’ model, aimed at younger customers.

The Grizzly


The ‘Grizzly’ is a utility model principally used for recreational purposes, such as fun rides and hunting on forestry roads and rocky areas. Its main features include 1) newly-designed front and rear fenders, 2) front and rear suspension and 26-inch tires that deliver superior maneuverability and a comfortable ride, 3) a newly-designed DOHC 708cc fuel-injected engine that boasts high-torque yet easy to handle output and natural engine braking, and 4) newly-designed LED headlights and handle-mounted lights.

The Kodiak 700


The ‘Kodiak 700’ is a utility model principally for practical field applications. Apart from the new design, it features increased functionality and convenience by sharing the 708cc fuel-injected engine, dust- and water-proof rear brakes, and handle-mounted lights (limited to models equipped with EPS) etc. with the Grizzly.

The Raptor 90


The ‘Raptor 90’ model is aimed at youth customers (aged 10 and over), and features sporty handling characteristics, and increased ride comfort and ease of operation. Sure would be perfect if you already have those truck loading ramps to transport this baby to a trail.

With its large expanses of ranches and other agricultural land, rough terrain and many unsealed roads, the North American market accounts for approximately 60% of the global demand for ATVs. Yamaha Motor provides a wide range of model variations, from commercial to sports types, to cover a wide variety of customer requirements.

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