WorktableThe Work Table Feature creates a steady on the go work environment whenever the user is on the road. Whether it’s needing to repair broken equipment or taking a look at the undercarriage of a motorcycle, the Work Table is the perfect tool. It keeps users from having to fix broken equipment on the ground and brings the item to eye level. The work bench feature is easy to assemble, sturdy to use, and makes repairing on the road a lot easier.

To use the Work Table Feature first unfold the Shark Kage ramp until it is fully extended. Then load the equipment that needs repairing in to the back of your truck bed. Once loaded, fold the last panel at a 90 degree angle, So that the ramp is in its steady Work Table Feature. Then slowly roll out your equipment on the table from your truck be, and it is ready to be used.

Work Table

How the Work Table works: