Motorcyclist, ATV Riders, Dirtbikers, and all of us motorsports enthusiasts have one thing in common. We like the speed, we like it dirty, and accidents happen. Good accessories can be just as important of a part of safety to a rider as great equipment. High quality accessories add an extra level of protection for those times in life where accidents do happen.

It’s important to take the proper safety measures any time you decide to hit the road. Choosing the right clothing and pickup truck accessories can help you to make sure every ride is as amazing as you planned it.

There are a lot of options out there so let’s look at each and what their uses are.


Wearing a helmet is the single most effect way of reducing head injuries and required by law in most areas. Helmets are also a great way for you to show off your personality and stand out from the crowd increasing your visibility to other motorists.

Jacket and Pants
Choosing strong durable clothing can help protect you during an accident. Road rash is the worst. The pants are pretty simple you just want to get a leather or very durable denim. The jacket however you want to choose a durable material like leather or in some cases nylon with strength in the elbow spine and shoulder areas. The ultimate goal is to resist tears, cuts, and impacts. These pieces can also be useful against weather conditions.

The boots you choose are important. They have to be comfortable enough to walk around in all day but durable enough to protect rider’s feet and ankles in the case of an accident. These days we need it all and we need it stylish. We recommend wearing sturdy leather boots with rigid oil resistant soles. The heels should be low and wide to provide a firm base when standing with the bike.

Gloves will help to protect your wrists and fingers in the case of an accident. Gloves can also help prevent your hands from slipping or going numb. You want to look for something in a durable material with reinforced palms.

Pickup Truck Accessories
There are many types of pickup truck accessories on the market what we need here however is safety. We recommend picking up several tie down straps and a sturdy ramp. It’s important to choose a durable ramp and with accessories like the Shark Kage multifunctional ramp for your pickup you are getting the #1 safest ramp on the market and a tool that functions as a ramp, workbench, cargo cover, bed extender, and more. Always keep a basic tool kit in your truck for basic vehicle and gear repairs and have a first aid kit on hand.


We love to ride here at Shark Kage and we’ve seen our fair share of accidents. We wanted to bring you these very basic gear tips as a remind to stay safe out there. If you forget everything else, never forget your helmet! Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tell us your thoughts on staying safe out there!

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