We have gotten through the hassle of compiling the top 10 loading ramps out there. Below is a video of a list of the top 10 loading ramp fails we have compiled over the weeks and we feel compelled to share this to every rider, motorcycle enthusiast or even to just an average person like me and you out there to learn a lesson from it.

Please tell us if you have learned anything from this. I mean look at these poor, precious machines. Damaged. Dented. Will never be the same. Not to mention the injury that caused trauma to these people. It’s sad that they need to go through all that. If they only know that there is a solution for this. They could at least consider to get a reliable loading ramp.

If you feel that you need to change the way how you approach the whole loading and unloading process of your bike, ATV, quad, motorcycle, machine or equipment onto the back of your truck, give us a call and we’d be more than glad to advise a solution for you.

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