If you’re the type of person who values quality, chances are you have a pickup truck instead of a fancy sports car. Pickup trucks are versatile as they can be used for a variety of purposes. Your family can use it for out-of-town trips. You can use a pickup truck for weekend vacations. You can even use it for business purposes, like delivering products. However, there are instances when you’ll realize you need something more so you can load additional cargo into your truck. This is why you need to have the right pickup truck cargo accessories.

Choosing Useful Pickup Cargo Accessories

There are a lot of accessories for your truck and you’ll find all of them in the market. They’re quite easy to get your hands on. The problem is, not all of these accessories will prove to be useful for you. So, you’ll have to know exactly which one you should buy.

Get a pickup bed extender

Don’t try to fit everything into your vehicle! Get a pickup with a bed extender! Flickr Photo by Greenway Guide

First off, you need to realize the value of truck cargo accessories. These are not just accessories that will make your pickup look better. These are accessories that will add to the functional value of your truck; especially if you carry a lot of cargo on your pickup.

Next, you’ll have to have a basic idea of the choices available to you.

Some pickup truck owners choose to go with a camper shell, especially if they want some sleeping space, since this is somewhat like a closed compartment or cabin that you fit over a truck bed. The problem with this is that the cargo space is a little limited. This actually defeats the purpose because you’re not really adding anything to your truck; you’re simply accessorizing it.

You may also want to extend your cargo space by hooking your truck to a camper. Aside from being quite bulky, this option is reserved for those who use their trucks for family outings and long drives to neighboring states. If you simply want extra cargo room for transporting say, an ATV or a motorcycle, you won’t need something as bulky as a camper.

The best option for you would be to look for good pickup truck bed extenders.

Choosing a Pickup Truck Bed Extender

A pickup truck bed extender is simple an extension that allows you to adjust the height and width of your pickup’s bed. You won’t need to hook your truck to anything; all you need is the extender, and you’re good to go!

Additional cargo room with a bed extender

A truck bed extender will add additional cargo room to your pickup truck. Flickr Photo by Alberto

There are different models of truck bed extenders, so it is important to choose one that fits your needs. The most popular option is the standard design, which looks like a cage attached to the bed of your truck. This model allows an extra foot of space for your cargo. You can go for this one, as this is the most common choice, or go for other designs—like the ones that spin when inside the truck’s bed. These spinning extenders are perfect for carrying and protecting small bags or items so they won’t fall off during transport.

Here is a more detailed list of extenders you can choose from:

The Standard Extender; used for loading items that are not bigger or longer than the truck bed and tailgate length. This extender is made of plastic and metal.
The Bed Slide; this is what you put inside your truck bed. When used, you roll this out and put your cargo in place. This is the perfect choice for you if you bring with you all your tools and what-nots when you travel.

The Hitch Mount; this is the type that you attach or hitch so that you can extend the space of your truck. This is preferred by pickup owners who load large items like logs. Additionally, this is good for long travels as the extendable arm allows for your cargo to be adjusted or placed in different positions.

Knowing all these does not assure you, though, that you’re ready to pick the best one for your truck. You also have to take into consideration the issue of compatibility. Not all extenders will fit into your truck. So, it is important to know all the details of the extender before you decide to purchase it. The best thing to do is to ask for assistance from a representative of the store or supplier you plan to purchase from. They will be able to help you find an extender with the right fit for your pickup truck.

It is likewise important to test the extender before deciding to drive away with your purchase. You need to make sure of the quality of the extender; remember, looks can be deceiving sometimes. So test the extender before purchasing it. If you plan to buy online, look for an online supplier that allows you to do a product test.

Talk to your dealer and ask him questions. There are other things you need to consider apart from installation. Of course, you’ll have to be briefed about its proper usage and how you can maximize it. Your supplier should also inform you about things like weight limits, locks, and other similarly important stuff.

Many pickup truck bed extenders come with installation kits, especially the ones that you purchase online. There are detailed instructions you need to follow, but there’s no need to be apprehensive because installing an extender is quite easy. It can sometimes be easier than installing your child’s desk or cabinet! You’ll need to have someone to help you out though, as there are some models that require assistance because of their size.

If you frequently travel and load large cargo, you should waste no time in looking for a good truck bed extender. It’s a good investment for someone who values his pickup. It’s a necessity for someone who wants the best quality from his valuables.

Keep the above mentioned tips in mind when you go out or when you search online for your pickup’s extenders. You’ll save a lot of time, money, and effort; you’ll be guaranteed only the best buy. Watch how Shark Kage can transform to a bed extender for your truck in the video below.

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