As with all things, following the passage of time, the old must give way to the new. When one generation passes away, the next generation steps up to take its place in continuing cycle of the circle of life.

Today, we remember the truck loading ramps of the past. A memorial for those precarious inclines of yesterday, which sometimes threatened our very lives while we used them.

We salute you, flimsy 2×4 wooden planks. We used to line you up and pray you didn’t snap in half when we rode our quads up into our truck beds. We knew that our lives were in your hands, but really what other choice did we have at the time?


We tip our hat to the rickety metal slabs we used to slam down onto our tailgates. Sure, you’d occasionally come unhinged and send us hurling to the ground. Yes, periodically you’d bend or crack or cause the bottom of our bikes to hit and scrape and send us flying. You were heavy and difficult to transport with our bikes in tow, but at least you weren’t just some rotting beam of lumber, right?


Yes, we pay homage to our forefather ramps. They were unpredictable and dangerous, but without them perhaps the next generation of ramps may never have come to be.

And so, the Shark Kage was born:

The Shark Kage, with its secure “Shark Bite” mounting plate, extra-grip traction bars, optimal loading angles, and user-friendly design has redefined what a truck ramp should be. Oh, and most importantly of all, the fact that it transforms itself into six different functions every rider will love.

Yes, the pains of the past have led us to the conveniences of the future and bestowed us with a ramp that riders can use with confidence and ease.

Find out more about Shark Kage here.


Article Name
The Next Generation of Loading Ramps
It's here! The next generation of loading ramps - The Shark Kage. Surprisingly, it's not just a loading ramp, it has 5 more features that transforms into and you will be amazed. It's a 6 in 1 Multi-use Truck Ramp perfect for loading your motorcyles, atvs, quads and more.

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