We’re always excited to see a shout out and great feedback from our fans and admirers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Every once in awhile we get a special treat, such as when racing legend and British Motor Cycle Champ Steve Parrish took to his Twitter to compliment the Shark Kage:


Nothing puts steam in our engine more than praise from our heroes. Thanks for the support Steve.

Another one is from Jeremy Purvines and we quote:

The Shark Kage is rugged enough to withstand a beating, and it allows you to ride into your truck with complete peace of mind and trust in it.” – Jeremy Purvines


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Article Name
Social Media Love for Shark Kage
We got several people showing some mad love for Shark Kage in Social Media. Find out what a racing legend thinks about the Shark Kage in this article.

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