While its true that the Shark Kage multi-use ramp transforms itself only into 6 other (fantastic) functions, we’ve found that the application of those functions are limitless.

The ramp itself serves more than just a tool for riding bikes and quads into, for example. Anyone who regularly used their pickup truck to load gear into their bed is about to have their life made easier by using the Shark Kage. Hunters, grillers, soccer moms, landscape engineers, tailgaters, and all manner of haulers, movers and shakers will be able to better access their truck beds while using the Shark Kage.

We’ve turned the cargo box into a comfy crate for our dogs when camping (they love coming riding with us). We’ve made the worktable into an elevated workstation for easy access to the underside of our rides when they need some work done. We’ve used the sunshade to hand and dry off our wet clothes after a rainy ride day.

The applications are endless. Tell us how you would use your Shark Kage.

Article Name
Six Functions, No Boundaries - Shark Kage
Although the Shark Kage can transform to 6 different functions, it's application for those functions are limitless. Fin out how we use the Shark Kage in this article.

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