Shark Kage and the Legends and Heroes Tour announce their partnership to team up for the upcoming 2014 Monster Energy Supercross Season

The Legends and Heroes tour has been a mainstay of the Monster Energy Supercross series for the past  4 years, and will once again hit the road for its 5th year, in celebration the 40th anniversary of Supercross.

The Legends and Heroes tour was first conceived in 2009 to supply vintage bikes for the Supercross and Pro Outdoors MX series. With help from Professor Gary Bailey, the tour renovated his original MX school 5th wheel trailer into the first traveling Moto 1 unit. The tour currently supports 2 super cool Mobile
Moto museums, one on each coast.

The Legends and Heroes Tour will launch their new 2014 program at A-1. This will be the industry’s first digital media Mobile Moto museum experience. A new museum design is part of the Moto museum’s 100 ft plus foot print that will be part of the Monster Energy Supercross Party In The Pits. The display includes period champion machines and historical paraphernalia. Inside is a state of the art digital showcase sporting the history of Supercross via a video wall, with a full audio-visual theater experience. The Legends and Heroes History of Supercross video, produced by Todd Huffman of the Motocross files, will show daily at each event. The hardware for this audio-video experience is spear headed by SLS Audio from Ozark, Missouri.

“A sport’s history is only as great as its past, and Legends and Heroes of Supercross illuminates all the glory of this incredible sport,” states national motocross champion Chuck Sun. Sun has been a contributor with product development and ongoing business development for the award winning
Shark Kage™ Multi-Purpose ramp. “I see this as an opportunity for the Legends and Heroes Tour to integrate Shark Kage innovation and versatility with their Mobile Moto museum experience. Shark Kage makes the best state-of-the-art motorcycle loading ramp, and you can see it in action at the
Legends and Heroes display at each event. Shark Kage is also supplying the specialty ramps that will make the new Legends and Heroes Mobile Moto museum wheelchair accessible to fans, former champions, and racers.”

About the Tour The Legends and Heroes Supercross Tour is a professional historical display and time-line of America’s greatest motorsport. The tour includes the machines and the champs of Supercross. The project was conceived by a dedicated group of moto enthusiasts who, over the years, have discovered the value of the rich 40 years of Supercross legacy and its impact on the American motorsports history. “The dedication and passion of the sport has brought the Legends and Heroes Supercross Tour to the next level of sharing this legacy, the history of the machines and men, as well as the women of Supercross. The history of the Classic Iron and its champions is a dynamic model ever changing. We see this rich history as a great learning lab for all ages” according to partners of the Legends and Heroes Tour.

About Shark Kage Shark Kage™ is the first multi-use ramp for pickup trucks on the market today. Shark Kage is ideal for loading motorcycles, ATVs, and more while serving as a ramp, bed extender, tool box, cargo cover, work table, and sun shade. Shark Kage provides unique solutions that no other ramp can accommodate. The patent pending design and mounting plate prevents the ramp from slipping or falling during use, creating an unprecedented level of confidence for riders. For more information, visit Check out the Shark Kage video:

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