Use of any ramp product can be inherently dangerous and cause serious injury or death if not used with care and caution.

To ensure safety and to get the most from your Shark Kage product, it is the user’s responsibility to read and follow all instructions.

  1. Be sure to read and follow the Watch Your Step stickers on the Shark Kage. Additional care and caution must be taken when the Shark Kage becomes wet or muddy. It is not recommended to use Shark Kage when wet or muddy. Be sure to remove any grease that may appear on the Shark Kage.
  2. Keep these instructions with the Shark Kage at all times and review before each use.
  3. It is the responsibility of the Shark Kage owner to furnish the instructions to anyone that purchases the Shark Kage from the original purchaser.
  4. Always use good judgment and practice general safety measures when using the Shark Kage for any of its stated uses.
  5. Shark Kage is not recommended for anyone under the age of 16 years old. Use of Shark Kage by anyone under 18, should have adult supervision and consent.
  6. Do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended tailgate load capacity.
  7. Never use the Shark Kage on an unsafe or damaged tailgate.
  8. Thoroughly inspect tailgate cables and ramp safety straps for cracks or fraying before each use.
  9. Before each use inspect the Shark Kage making sure all parts are in safe working order, are not damaged in any way, and are in good condition free of structural defects.
  10. Clean the Shark Kage and vehicle of debris before loading and unloading vehicle.
  11. A helmet must be worn when loading and unloading vehicles using the Shark Kage.
  12. Never exceed the maximum weight limit of the Shark Kage. Each Shark Kage has a stated weight limit capacity that must be followed at all times. Shark Kage Sport = 1,200 lbs. Shark Kage Touring = 1,500 lbs. Shark Kage Wide = 1,500 lbs. Shark Kage Moto = 1,000 lbs.
  13. Never modify the Shark Kage in any way.
  14. The Shark Kage ramp platform has openings, holes, and crevices. Use extreme caution when walking on the Shark Kage to load or unload vehicles. Keep your feet parallel (flat) to the Shark Kage surface when walking up or down the ramp.
  15. Do not walk up or down the Shark Kage as if it were a ladder with your toes pointed downward, through, or inside the openings, holes, or crevices. Keep your feet flat on the surface to avoid your foot becoming lodged or stuck in one of the open spaces.
  16. Riding a motorcycle, ATV, or other vehicle up or down the Shark Kage or any ramp can be potentially dangerous. The user assumes all responsibility and liability for riding up and down the Shark Kage Multi-Use Ramp, and for walking any vehicle up or down the Shark Kage ramp.
  17. Do not use Shark Kage while under the influence of alcohol or other substance that may impair one’s judgment.
  18. Do not use excessive speed if you choose to ride your vehicle up or down the Shark Kage.
  19. If you choose to ride up the Shark Kage, you must be prepared to stop your vehicle safely and gently once in the truck bed.
  20. You may choose to have safety spotter’s stand on each side of the Shark Kage when taking a vehicle up or down the ramp. Safety spotters must use caution when standing near the ramp with a vehicle on it as the vehicle may fall or land on them causing serious injury or death.
  21. Shark Kage has several pinch points that can cause serious injury. Keep fingers, hands, and loose clothing away from the pinch points including the hinge areas and the spaces between each panel of the Shark Kage.
  22. Be aware that Shark Kage may extend the length of your pickup truck and hang off of your tailgate. Extra caution must be taken when backing up, parking, and driving while Shark Kage is in Bed Extender mode as additional distance will be required to clear objects, other vehicles, trees, etc.
  23. When using your Shark Kage in Bed extender mode, you MUST use three (3) tie-downs to secure the unit to the truck bed. Two tie-downs on the upper portion of Shark Kage and one (1) tie-down for the bottom section that attaches at or near the receiver hitch assembly. Do not attempt to drive your vehicle with the tailgate down and Shark Kage in Bed Extender mode without securing all three (3) tie-downs.

Additional Warnings:

  • Set parking brake in vehicle while operating the Shark Kage.
  • Operate on clean and dry ramp only.
  • Perform regular inspection and maintenance on the Shark Kage.
  • Do not load anything onto the folded Shark Kage.