Nowadays, car accessories are no longer limited to sedans, coupes, and fancy sports cars. There is a growing market for pickup truck accessories that offers both style and functionality. No matter what make or model of pickup truck you drive, you don’t have to settle for stock parts and accessories. There are a wide variety of custom parts available that allow you to enhance your truck’s appearance as well as improve its functions, from pickup truck cargo accessories to interior enhancements like floor mats, dash covers, and trims.

Whether you drive your truck for work, for weekend adventures with your ATV buddies, or for a little bit of both, you can find interior and exterior accessories, performance parts, and custom products that will transform your pickup from a factory vehicle to something unique and more suited to your style and preference.

Ford Pickup Truck with Accessory

Accessorize your pickup truck with the right loading ramp, especially when you plan to go on long drives and adventures with friends. Flickr Photo by sv1ambo

Although it is possible to order accessories and performance parts from the truck’s manufacturer or dealership; whether it’s from Chevy, Ford, GMC, Dodge, Nissan, Toyota, or Mazda, your choices might be limited compared to the much bigger selection available online. There are quite a few big name brands in the market that are known for producing great quality custom accessories and parts for cars and pickup trucks, from custom bumpers to folding ATV ramps and trailer hitches. You don’t have to stick with aftermarket accessories to suit up your ride when you have access to some of the best custom enhancement parts available on the Internet.

Exterior Pickup Truck Accessories

Any pickup truck owner concerned with functionality will definitely consider the exterior first when accessorizing. There are several types of exterior accessories designed for pickup trucks. These accessories will either help enhance the look of the pickup or improve its functionality. They include custom bumpers, fender flares, air dams, bras and masks, grille guards, hood and roof scoops, bug shields, splash guards, racks and pickup bed accessories, tire covers, truck steps, snorkels, and so much more. Many of these items will actually help improve performance and not just make your truck look cool.

Truck with loading ramp loading a harley

If you like to drive your truck off-road on weekends, for instance, some of these accessories—like the splash guards, fender flares, snorkel, and grille guards—can help improve your driving experience. If you are an avid ATV or motorcycle rider, and you often use your pickup truck to transport your quad between locations, a good folding aluminum ramp would certainly make the loading/unloading process a lot easier and safer, wouldn’t it?

Accessories That Help Cushion the Load and Improve Overall Functionality

Pickup trucks are designed mainly for hauling cargo. After all, that’s what the truck bed is for, right? This vehicle is all about power, torque, and hauling things so why not carry heavy loads in style? There are a number of pickup truck accessories that are designed to help the ride go smoother and safer as you haul heavy cargo. These accessories include truck bed cargo control, bed liners and mats, rails, tailgate, and bed extenders, camper shells, aluminum loading ramps, and tonneau covers.

The bed rails help to keep the cargo secure while in transit. The bed liners and mats keep whatever you’re hauling from sliding and slipping. Camper shells and tonneau covers protect your cargo from the elements. And if you’re carrying something that requires more space than what your truck bed can offer, the bed extender and tailgate can provide the space you need. For loading and unloading cargo, various designs of aluminum loading ramps are also available. There are folding ramps that can easily be stored and attached when needed. However, there are truck bed accessories that are designed for multipurpose use, like the Shark Kage, which can be transformed into an arched motorcycle/ATV ramp, a bed extender and tailgate, a cargo box, cargo cover, and even a work table.

If you often tow a trailer or are in the towing business, you might also want to consider getting towing and winching accessories such as hitch balls, hitch covers, hitch mounts, tow hooks and straps, winches, and winch mounting systems. To improve the ride further, especially when you’re hauling heavy cargo or towing a trailer, you should also consider improving your pickup truck’s suspension and braking system. Accessories like anti-sway bars, lift kits, lowering kits, bushings and shackles, bars and arms, custom shocks and struts, and so on can greatly improve your driving experience as well as make the ride a lot smoother and safer.

Interior and Electronics Accessories

Installing interior accessories is also an option that’s available to pickup truck owners. Who says that only Japanese coupes and sports cars can have awesome sound systems, game consoles, LED screens, and bucket seats? You can accessorize your pickup truck interior anyway you want. You can add CB radios and scanners, cruise control systems, GPS navigation systems, GMRS radio, security systems, remote starters, and even radar and laser detectors.

To improve comfort and overall riding experience, you may also opt to install cargo trays and liners, videogame consoles for the kids or for when you get stuck in a traffic jam, instrument panel covers, dash covers, custom headliners, custom seat and seat covers, steering wheel covers, unique floor mats, racing-grade safety belts, accessories for pets, a baby seat, or even custom horns. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to interior accessories. Ultimately though, you should just go for what really matches your style.

If you think about it, there is no limit to how much accessorizing you can do for your pickup truck, whether it’s dressing up the exterior or adding some style in the interior. But whether you want a camper shell for the truck bed or a new instrument panel cover for the dash, you have to remember that functionality and safety should always come first. No matter how you dress it up, it’s still a pickup truck. And it’s meant for hauling and rugged terrain, not in a display case or in Jay Leno’s car collection.

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