As of this afternoon, and with only three more days to go until our project deadline, the Shark Kage Kickstarter Project has successfully funded!


We want to thank all of our loyal supporters for pledging and making it possible for the Shark Kage to become a reality. All of us here at Shark Kage are just in awe of the support we’ve received and we are ecstatic that we will finally be able to bring our creation to market.

We’ll be emailing all of our backers a survey very soon to confirm your shipping address and/or T-shirt size. For backers who purchased event related rewards such as attending supercross, Dirt Ride Day, Harley Ride Day, and the Las Vegas VIP Experience we will have those details to you very soon.

We are excited to see the community that has formed around this product. We truly believe that the Shark Kage will revolutionize the experience of owning a pickup truck. We hope, that like us, you take pride in the fact that you helped make this possible.

– The Shark Kage Team

Article Name
Shark Kage Kickstarter Update: WE DID IT!!!
Shark Kage team did it! The Shark Kage KickStarter Project has successfully funded and we want to thank everyone who backed us up. Click the link to read the article on how awesome people formed around this product - The 6 in 1 Multi-use Truck Ramp - Shark Kage.

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