If one of the reasons why you’ve chosen to buy a pickup truck is to make transporting heavy objects such as ATVs and motorcycles much easier, then it only makes sense for you to invest on a durable truck ramp. If this is your first time to buy one then deciding on which ramp to get might be a little confusing. If you start looking, you’ll see that there is a wide range of loading ramps designed for varying applications. No one needs to tell you this, but the one that provides optimal performance is the truck ramp that is specifically designed to do exactly what you need it for.

Ideally, you should get a ramp that’s made with high quality steel or aluminum regardless of what you intend to use it for. These materials are known to last for years making them a worthy investment. Apart from durable material, you should also look for a truck ramp that features several distinct and useful features such as a tapered approach feet, rung spacing, attaching plates, ramp surface, and if you want you can also get one that has a beam configuration just in case you need to load a certain type of vehicle onto your truck. If you want to get one with a beam configuration you have to be specific about the certain types of smaller vehicles you want to load on your truck. It’s important because you’ll need to match them by weight distribution, size, and wheel base as well as ground clearance.


Unless you can lift an entire car by yourself, it always helps to have a trusty ol’ ramp
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You also need to consider the four basic kinds of off-road loading ramps. An off road loading ramp is also good for loading ATVs, motorcycles, mobility scooters, as well as wheelchairs on your truck. You have the dual runner, the tri fold, the bi fold as well as the hitched mounted loading ramp. Each type has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. The dual runner is available in a folding or a non-folding style. This type of loading ramp is designed to feature two separate ramp runners to better suit customized width configurations. The tri fold loading ramp, on the other hand, feature a pair of runner ramps, one on each side. Both runner ramps are then connected by an open center track. As for the bi-fold ramp, it is designed to be attached to the trailer bed or tailgate of the vehicle.

The Shark Kage offers multifunctional ATV loading ramps that can transform into 5 different uses which is very helpful to make your daily chores more bearable. If you need to get one, you know where to go. Happy shopping!

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