Now there’s a lot of ATV ramps out there but why does Adam McGill use the Shark Kage you ask? Well, let’s delve into what this famous GNCC event is all about first.

The Grand National Cross Country series is host to some of the fastest ATV, motorcycle, and UTV racing in the United States. It is comprised of 13 grueling rounds held all over the eastern coast of the United States. GNCC is home to some of the highest skilled woods racers of all time including Adam McGill, Chris Borich, and Walker Fowler on the ATVs and on the Motorcycles you have Kailub Russell, Josh Strang, and Jordan Ashburn. The type of racing involved with GNCC is very tight, technical, and enduring. It’s a very different style of racing that focuses more on being precise, choosing the best lines, and just having the endurance to last the lengthy race time. This is what makes GNCC racing one of the premier series in the entire United States.

This year Shark Kage wanted to support the amazing off-road racing community and provide sponsorship to the GNCC race series. The Shark Kage fits in perfect with the GNCC series because it’s one of the biggest ATV and motorcycle racing communities in the United States. Since the Shark Kage ATV loading ramp was designed and built by racers, we figured that we would support racers. This year Shark Kage wanted to extend its support further as we sponsored pro ATV racer Adam McGill who is one of the most giving racers to the GNCC racing community.

Adam McGill with Shark Kage ATV Loading Ramp

The racing this year has been some of the best we have seen. In the GNCC ATV XC1 class it has been a tight race between Chris Borich and Walker Fowler being tied in points coming into the final round at the Ironman GNCC. The entire race, Borich and Fowler were chasing each other down passing back and forth, with Borich edging out Fowler by only two tenths of a second ahead of Fowler claiming his 6th consecutive GNCC title. Adam McGill finished out the year with a 3rd place in the championship with a trip to the podium 9 out of the 13 races with one being a win. Adam McGill is one of the most fun loving racers in the series always having fun and showing off his personality with not only his racing style but shares it all with the fans.

Check out Adam on the video above to see how he uses his ATV loading ramp – the Shark Kage!

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