Will Shark Kage fit my truck?

a. The Shark Kage Sport Ramp was designed to fit most pickup trucks. As long as you have 48″ between the wheel wells in the truck bed and a tailgate that is at least 19.5″ tall, Shark Kage Sport will work for your truck.

b. Shark Kage Sport was tested on trucks that have up to 36″ tires and a 36″ tailgate to ground height (as measured with the tailgate down).

What type of motorcycles or ATV’s does Shark Kage work with?

a. Shark Kage was designed to load nearly all motorcycles and ATV’s.  At 47″ wide, the Sport ramp can handle most ATV’s and smaller UTV’s. Much is dependent upon your truck height and how low to the ground your motorcycle is.  For very low slung motorcycles with less than a few inches of ground clearance, it is best to avoid the center hinge when loading and unloading.  If necessary, you may also load on a slight incline to reduce the loading and approach angle.  Also, if you ride a low slung bike up the ramp, your ground clearance will be further reduced.  If you are uncertain, measure your ground clearance first.  This is not necessary for most applications as the 92″ long ramp provides a great loading angle.

Should I remove the Shark Kage when I’m not using it to load and unload my motorcycle or ATV (or other vehicle)?

a. There really is no need to remove Shark Kage when not using it load and unload. You can put it into Cargo Box mode and use it to transport gear or keep other items from sliding around the truck bed. You can also easily and conveniently put Shark Kage into Work Table, Sun Shade, Cargo Cover, Bed Extender, or Ramp mode when needed

I need to remove the Shark Bite, how do I do that?

a. You may remove the Shark Bite Mounting plate if you really need to, but it’s not recommended to remove it too many times as the receptor mounts may wear out over time making it necessary to replace them or drill new holes into the tailgate.
b. If you are installing a tight fitting, weather-proofed bed cover, you’ll most likely need to remove the Shark Bite.

How long is the warranty period and what is covered?

Please see our warranty page for full details.

How do I use the Bungee Cargo Nets?

a. The cargo nets are intended to help keep items in the truck bed when in Bed Extender mode. Secure the tie-down bungee hooks to the ramp and to the truck as shown in the user guide. Note: We cannot guarantee that the cargo nets will keep all items from sliding out of your truck bed. It is your responsibility to secure all loose items in your truck bed. The cargo nets can also be secured to the sides of Shark Kage when in Cargo Box mode to keep your gear from sliding out of the Cargo Box. We recommend purchasing a gear box (Plano, Rubbermaid, or similar) to place inside your Cargo Box to help secure smaller items.

How do I use the 3 tie-downs that came with my Shark Kage?

a. For Bed Extender mode, two of the 3 tie-downs must be used as shown on the sticker on the side of your Shark Kage. Loop the tie-downs through the top of the panels and secure to the tie-down loops in your truck bed. Secure the third tie-down through lower panel and secure below / under your tailgate to your hitch loops.

How do I remove the Ramp after I attach it?

a. There are 3 hinges that hold Shark Kage to the Shark Bite mounting plate. Use a 13mm wrench to loosen the nuts and remove the bolts. It is recommended to remove the outer two first and remove the center one last to keep the ramp balanced. It is also recommended to have a second person hold Shark Kage in place as the last remaining bolt is removed from the hinge. If a second person isn’t available, try placing some boxes underneath the Shark Kage to stabilize it once it is un-hinged.

b. The Shark Bite mounting plate remains attached.