Cargo-BoxThe Cargo Box feature gives the user the ability to leave large valuable items locked away in the back of any truck. The Cargo Box function lets the user keep large tool boxes, gear, and equipment from moving around in the back of the truck by keeping it in one central location. The Cargo Box feature gives the user the ability to keep items locked away and safe from unwanted predators getting to their valuable belongings. This feature is the perfect storage tool for large loose items that can be kept safe and free from others.

To use The Cargo Box Feature you must first have the ramp fully extended, then lift and fold the bottom panels into triangle shape and lock it into place, lift the folded panels on the tailgate, roll the folded kage into truck bed and release the triangle set hook. Then latch the 90 degree corner brackets, lift the box lid panel to close the tailgate, then lower the box lid panel, secure the latches and now it is ready to store loose items.

Cargo Box

How the Cargo Box Works: