Bed-ExtenderThe Bed Extender Feature allows the user to transform their normal truck bed into a much large space, giving them more room to securely stow away their longer items. This extendable feature is great to use when loading items that usually don’t have enough room to fit in the back of a standard size truck bed. The Bed Extender features also comes with two extension nets that hook on to the side of the ramp and the truck to keep all loose items from falling out of the truck when it’s in motion. This gives the driver the security of moving his items from once place to another without the fear of losing much needed tools.

To transform the Shark Kage Ramp into bed extender mode, lift the unfolded ramp to fold the back panels into a triangle position, once in triangle position lock it into place with the set hook, lift it onto the tailgate, attach the provided tie-down straps and items will be secure . The Shark Kage Bed Extender feature is one of the many useful tools that that makes this device a much needed truck accessory.

Bed Extender

How the Bed Extender works: