Crafted from sturdy 6061 T6 Aluminum and comfortably rated up to 1200 lbs, the Shark Kage 1200 allows users to safely load and unload their cargo.

At 47″ x 92″ you can confidently ride or walk your ATV, MotorCycle, Dirt Bike, or landscape gear into the bed.

Our proprietary Shark Byte technology prevents slippage by attaching to a trucks tailgate.

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Rated up to 1200 lbs
  • 47″ x 92″
  • Load/Unload safely

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Outdoors: Safely ride your utility quad into the bed of your truck on our extra wide platform.

Industrial: Strong enough to support landscaping equipment and small tractors- just load it on up with the Shark Kage Ramp.

Sport: Best suited for those that load and unload frequently, take your ATV, Motorcycle or small SxS out anytime and load/unload with ease.

How the Shark Kage™ loading ramp works:

To use the Aluminum Folding Ramp once attached to the tailgate, fold the panels into a triangle position and lock with the triangle set hook. Next simply roll the ramp under the tailgate, release the triangle set hook, lift the Shark Kage and kick out the lower segment to form a ramp.

See the video below for complete instructions: