team-shark-kage-siteShark Kage’s founder and inventor brings more than 30 years of riding experience, design, manufacturing, and innovation to the industry. The team brings another 75 years of riding experience with street bikes, dirt bikes, and ATV’s. The entire team is comprised of hard-core adventure riders with world-wide riding experience and even a national champion motocross rider.

Shark Kage was born from the need to keep predators out after its inventor had a motorcycle stolen out of his pickup truck. Shark Kage was initially developed to do just that; keep predators out and bikes and ATV’s safely secured in the truck bed. Innovation and the team’s creativity took over and Shark Kage quickly became so much more. The only product of its kind on the market, Shark Kage takes the hassle out of loading and unloading, allowing the user to get to the fun stuff that much quicker. After a long day of tearing it up, Shark Kage is a welcomed experience. The Shark Kage team needed this product to make their passion for riding motorcycles and ATV’s that much more enjoyable. Why hassle with a traditional ramp? Trackside, trailside, or moving your favorite bike around town or country, Shark Kage makes it so much easier. Leave the trailer at home. Street riders never had it so good when transporting their bike. Dirt and sport riders now have more options with the work table, sunshade, cargo box, and even the multi-position bed extender. ATV riders have never been happier.

Beyond loading and unloading, Shark Kage turns your truck into a true multi-tool with more utility than you can imagine. Each day, you’ll find a new use for your Shark Kage. If you’re a landscaper, farmer, or construction worker, Shark Kage is there to help get your work done.

The Shark Kage team has put this product through many hours of personal testing with many different trucks, bikes, and ATV’s. With the ultimate rider’s seal of approval and testing, be assured that this is one Kage that will set you free.