New 24″x92″ Shark Kage

Lighter, Faster, and made for motorcycles and dirtbikes under 750 pounds.

Premium Quality Aluminum Ramps

Where Function meets safety

Safety with the Shark Byte

No more ramp fails!  Load safely.

Extend your truck bed with ease

Extend your truck bed, and secure your load!

Endless Possibilities

How do you Shark Kage?  The possibilities are endless!

Multi Uses

Every adventure has different needs...

The Shark Kage Ramp system offers 2 unique sizes and options, and accomodates many different types of vehicles.


  • 47” wide by 92” long
  • 1200lb weight capacity
  • Sturdy T-61 aluminum
  • Mounts directly to tailgate

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  • 27” wide by 92” long
  • 800lb weight capacity
  • Sturdy T-61 aluminum
  • Mounts directly to tailgate

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The Ultimate Truck Ramp for Safety and Functionality

Whether you are loading an ATV, SXS, Motorcycle, Dirt bike, Tractor, or any other type of heavy machinery, safety is always the first concern. The Shark Kage Truck Ramp series, provides added safety by securing attaching to your tailgate to prevent costly slips and falls.

Quality workmanship in welding, and heavy duty aircraft grade aluminum – ensure a top quality product.

Depending on the model selected, the Shark Kage patented cargo system provides added value and functionality by transforming into a bed extender, secure tool box, work table, cargo cover and more. The possibilities are endless!

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Award Winning Innovative Features

Shark Bite Mount

Shark Bite Mount

Traction Bar Struts

Traction Bar Struts

Curved Approach Angle

Curved Approach Angle

Tight Cross-Member Spacing

Tight Cross-Member Spacing

How It Works

Aside from serving as a sturdy truck ramp, which locks securely to the truck tailgate, the Shark Kage also serves five additional functions. As a bed extender, the frame is designed to cinch against the back tire of your loaded vehicle and stop it from bouncing, allowing for speed and security while driving. To create the cargo box, the ramp is folded and locked into a box shape within the truck bed for convenient storage. In the cargo cover formation the frame lays across the top of your truck bed, providing security while hauling or overnighting on the road. For keeping cool on a hot day, the Shark Kage also folds over perfectly to create a sunshade. Lastly, for a handy place to set your gear and work on projects between rides, the Shark Kage folds out to create a sturdy worktable that can be used to elevate your vehicle for repairs or lay out your gear.

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